Best Sunglasses for Sports


Sporty eyewear is necessary during certain activities because the sun will get in your way and you won’t be able to play. It doesn’t have to be applied only for Golf but there are small differences depending on the sport you play. There are models that will cover the whole area around your eye and others that will do it partially but are smaller and easier to wear.

A good thing about Golf is that it isn’t a fast pace activity where you need to change directions constantly so you can go with some classic models that popular brands offer like Off-White Sunglasses. Most of the popular players will choose according to their style or sponsor. But, you should also consider other factors that are important if you want to improve your performance.

Choosing the Right Lens

Many people don’t know that the color of the lens actually has some meaning besides sun protection and being a fashion statement. Each one of them has a different role they are used for. For example, yellow and red are made to enhance your depth perception. So, you will use them when there are gray clouds and for bad weather.

Green layers are very crucial in sports like Golf because they give you the ability to see the patterns on the surface which can be very difficult if you are far away but there is a bump on the field. On the other hand, you have classic black or gray types that will help you on a sunny day and increase sharpness.

Frame and Durability

When you are riding a bike or running marathon things like accidents happen and you don’t want your glasses to break. This is why durability matters a lot and rubber frames would be the preferred choice. But, most people get something between rubber and plastic which makes it more durable but also firm. You would also want a pair that isn’t heavy because it can be a distraction when there’s a lot of movement.

You have brands like Oakley that manufacture these types of glasses but also popular sports brands like Under Armour and Nike have their own models. The frame should include lenses that go around so you can get 100% protection from the sun and debris. Some of them have a lifetime warranty so check for the best option.

Best Choices

There isn’t a perfect choice that will be working for everyone but some of the models are present in the majority of the lists you will find online. For example, Nike Gold X2 Pro is a model that can be used even for cycling because of its design and they come in four colors. Another important feature they have is the self-adjusting nose bridge. Click here to read more.

Most of the models don’t have the frame from the bottom side of the lens but RIVBOS Polarized is the one that do have everything covered. These are small things that matter depending on the situation. It would be best if you can have multiple options that you can choose from.

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