Choosing the Perfect Sunglasses: Tailoring Styles for Different Head Sizes and Face Shapes


In addition to being a stylish accessory, sunglasses are a crucial piece of equipment for shielding our eyes from UV radiation. However, finding the right pair that not only complements your style but also fits your head size and face shape can be a daunting task. With a myriad of options available, it’s crucial to understand how to choose sunglasses that best suit your unique features. In this article, we’ll explore how to select sunglasses tailored for different head sizes and face shapes to ensure both style and comfort.

1. Identifying Your Head Size

Head size varies from person to person, and sunglasses come in different widths to accommodate these differences. An ill-fitting pair of sunglasses can cause discomfort and may not offer proper protection. To identify your head size, measure the distance between your temples (in millimetres). Most sunglasses have this measurement indicated on the inside of the temple arm.

– Small Head Size: If your head size is on the smaller side (less than 130mm), look for sunglasses with a narrow frame. Oversized or wide frames may overpower your face and not sit well on your nose.

– Medium Head Size: Those with a medium-sized head (130mm – 140mm) have the luxury to choose from a wide range of frame sizes. Experiment with different styles to find what suits you best.

– Large Head Size: For larger heads (more than 140mm), opt for sunglasses with a wider frame. Avoid narrow frames as they might feel tight and uncomfortable.

2. Complementing Your Face Shape

Understanding your face shape is essential to find sunglasses that enhance your natural features. The most common face shapes are round, oval, square, heart-shaped, and diamond-shaped.

– Round Face: Balance the soft curves of a round face by choosing angular and geometric frames. Rectangular or square-shaped sunglasses add definition and make your face appear longer and slimmer.

– Oval Face: Lucky are those with an oval face as they can pull off almost any style. Look for sunglasses that maintain the natural balance of your face and avoid frames that are too oversized or too small.

– Square Face: Complement a square face’s strong jawline with rounded or oval-shaped frames. These will soften the angles and create a harmonious look.

– Heart-shaped Face: Choose sunglasses with wider bottoms, such as aviators or cat-eye frames, to balance a heart-shaped face’s broader forehead and narrow chin.

– Diamond-shaped Face: Highlight your cheekbones by opting for oval or cat-eye frames. These will add a sense of proportion to your features.

3. Frame Styles

Apart from considering head size and face shape, different frame styles cater to diverse fashion preferences and functional needs:

– Aviators: Classic aviators with their teardrop shape suit most face shapes and are an excellent choice for a timeless look.

– Wayfarers: Wayfarer frames have a more angular design and are perfect for a vintage or retro vibe.

– Cat-eye: Cat-eye frames are stylish and feminine, ideal for adding a touch of glamour to any outfit.

– Round Frames: Round sunglasses exude a bohemian and free-spirited aura, fitting for those with an adventurous style.

– Sporty Frames: If you lead an active lifestyle, consider sporty frames that offer durability and a secure fit during physical activities.


Finding sunglasses that match your head size and face shape is a delightful journey of self-expression and protection. Consider trying on various styles to see how they enhance your features and suit your personality, and finding a specialist like Faded Days who sell sunglasses for larger heads. Remember, the perfect pair of sunglasses not only shields your eyes but also adds a touch of flair to your overall look. So, next time you shop for sunglasses, keep these tips in mind to make an informed and stylish choice.

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