Different uses of fabrics that you should know about!


There are countless ways in which fabric can be used for your home décor needs. You can use it not just for your wardrobe, but you can also use it to cover your glass windows, you can use it to make a duffle bag or your pillow covers Etc.

Following are just some of the ways fabric of different kinds can be used in a number of different ways.

Sheer fabric

Sheer fabric is the type of fabric that is supposed to let the air and sunlight pass through it. This is the best fabric if you are looking for some lightweight fabric to make curtains or even some shirts that are mesh and see through. You can put them to cover your windows to let you have some privacy, but at the same time, the curtains do not block out light and air.

Fabrics for frocks tutus

Most of the time people like to link the tulle fabric  to  just tutus and frocks that little girls, especially, ballerinas wear. As this kind of fabric is very tissue and see through like and it is very light as well as shimmery, they think it is best suitable for little girls and their colorful shimmery frocks. Well, if you even happen to come across a fashion designer or an interior designer that does a lot of work with fabrics, you will be proven wrong. This fabric is used to make dull things, interesting and colorful. You can add this fabric too long dresses, or Maxis. You can also add a little bit of this material to curtains to make them look fancier and feminine and bright as well. Needless to say, there are multiple uses of this fabric not only in your wardrobe, but also in your home décor too.

Fabric for upholstery covers

Different fabric materials are also used for different upholstery coverings. For example, your couch, tablecloth, chair seats Etc. is just some items of furniture that are covered by the fabric of different material and design. Even when you buy some new deck chairs, you can cover them us using some good quality fabric that can stand the test of harsh weather. There are some special fabrics, like the duck fabric that are specifically used for outdoor needs. Make sure you get the fabric according to its need and purpose. As far as the color and design is concerned, there is a lot of choice in each fabric when it comes to that category.

Accent fabric

You can also get accented cushion covers made up of accent fabric if that is what you want. A lot of people like to use cushions that are covered with different fabrics and that have a variety of colors and designs Etc. you can even use the softest fabric for the bed covers, cushion covers as well as pillow covers. Just make sure that you purchase the fabric from a well reputed company that deals with quality fabric.

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