Eyelash Extension Supplies Kit For Beginners


Lashes Expansion Products have numerous advantages, including providing your lashes with a fuller, stronger, and more genuine appeal. Bigger eyelashes can create those with eyes that appear younger and more vibrant. Because not everyone has long lashes, there are a few eyelash products on the market that can help.

Lashes, eyelash glue, tweezers, eyelash cleanser, eyelash primers, eyelash remover care goods, Salon equipment, eyelash extension supplies, starter kits and more eyelash extension products are available for basic eyelash extension kits.

Each product on Noble lashes site was chosen with care, time, and attention to detail. Professionals have quality checked for every product. These extensions are suitable for both beginners and experienced technicians, as they include a variety of materials that will help you achieve the finest results.

Basic items include:

Lint Free Applicators

They are utilized in the eyelash extension technique for a variety of reasons. They can be used to apply primer and sealer to the lashes as well as clean them with the lash wash or makeup remover. Disposable and light, constructed of lint-free, long-lasting material.

Shampoo for lashes

Good lash shampoos are designed to remove debris, residue, and makeup from the lashes in a gentle manner. Using one at least once a day improves lash health dramatically. Consider the procedure to be similar to washing your scalp and hair to remove hidden oil, dandruff, and debris.


Among eyelash extension supplies, tweezers are a must-have for lashing. To finish a lash job, you’ll need the best tweezers. Isolation tweezers are the first set of tweezers you’ll use to ensure a clean application by isolating each natural lash.

This means that every normal eyelash or attachment will adhere to the ones you’ve selected provided it was the type you’re currently wearing. Exclusion tweezers separate your organic eyelash of preference for a seamless treatment. Maintain those tweezers away from toddler’s access.

Eyelash Pads

They’re a lot simpler to move around with, and they don’t risk ripping off your bottom lashes as you’re removing them. You won’t experience any redness or discomfort as a result of the tape’s adhesion. Gel pads are also much easier to fine-tune to achieve the ideal fit.

Eye pads will keep all of those tiny bottom lashes tucked and secure as well. These patch-stickers are applied to the skin in the same way that gel patches are. They have an adhesive base that makes them simple to apply to protect lower eyelashes during the eyelash extension.

Lash extension glue

In the lash application process, eyelash extension glue is utilized to adhere a lash extension to a person’s natural eyelashes. While any adhesive may be used to do this, employing the wrong type of glue might cause serious damage to your natural lashes. These round-shaped stickers are used to protect and cover the stones during the insertion of eyelash extensions, preventing direct contact with the adhesive.

Eyelash extension supplies kits can be used in a variety of ways:

For beginners, the transplanting eyelash extension supplies Set can be used.

  • Hands and instruments should be cleaned. Stick the eyelashes on the silicone pad and place it on the customer’s forehead or your hand.
  • Tape the eyelash tape on the inside of the eyelid. Before lashing, the tape is utilized to keep obstinate bottom lashes in place.
  • Without tape, lower lashes will crisscross with upper lashes, potentially glueing a client’s eye shut.
  • Place the ring cups on your index and middle fingers.
  • Place the volume lashes fan cup on the table and pour the adhesive into the cap ring and volume lashes fan cup.
  • Clean the eyelashes with the Eyelash Cleaner sprayed on the paper.
  • Separate the eye area where the eyelashes need to be extended with the eyelash tape.
  • Using a cotton swab, wipe the root of the eyelash.
  • Remove the eyelashes using tweezers.
  • Clamp the eyelash and dip it into the Volume Lashes Fan, then place the eyelash roots in the V-shaped pattern to make them stay together.
  • Finally, secure the eyelash fan to the root of the eyelash that needs an extension.
  • The pad brush gives and the mascara takes away. If you want your lashes to look perfect, use the “blank” mascara brush to undo any clumps or odd stuck-together lashes once your first coat has dried.
  • Remind clients to keep their eyes closed for the duration of the application process.


Lashes expansions are designed to offer the eyelids a constructed look without other makeup products. Lash extensions are indeed an excellent remedy for tiny lash difficulties since they may successfully extend and blend the curls. Breeze out doing makeup with the guidance of https://noblelashes.eu/eyelash-extension-supplies/ by Noble Lashes.

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