The Great Guide to Wedding Rings


There are two jewelry in life that is especially important to choose. One jewelry is the engagement ring and the other the wedding ring. The reason for this is that these particular rings have a very special meaning and that they must last forever and be worn every single day.

The history of the wedding rings

Most historians believe that the first wedding rings came from ancient Egypt, where rings of reed and other plants were exchanged by the bridal couple.

The Romans adopted the practice of exchanging rings, but because reeds and other plants did not last very long, they began to use iron as material.

However, a well-known problem with iron is that it rusts and breaks down over time, so in the 17th century, the rings were made of silver first and foremost.

Today, the most popular material for wedding rings is gold. Means that 17 tons of gold is used each year for wedding rings in the United States!

However, gold is not the only material that can be used. In recent years it has also become popular to use other exciting materials (more on that further down in this guide).

Choosing wedding rings in a fine shop

When you look at the selection in the shops, you cannot help but notice that there are many different wedding rings to choose from.

Most of the rings are sold as sets, so there is a ring for the man and a ring for the lady. In principle, most sets have two rings with a relatively similar appearance, regardless of the fact that there is no rule that your wedding rings should be the same.

This means that it is perfectly fine if you prefer to choose two very different rings. There is no requirement for the rings to have the same pattern and they also do not have to be of the same material.

Regardless of rules or lack of the same, most couples prefer to choose rings that are relatively similar. Ie rings that are of the same material and have the same pattern, as well as engravings with each other’s names and the date of the wedding.

Therefore, the difference between most couples’ rings is simply that there is more often a diamond or other stone in the woman’s ring than there is in the man’s ring.

However, there is no requirement that there should be a diamond or other stone in the woman’s ring. In fact, it is just the opposite of engagement rings, since fewer wedding rings with stones are sold than engagement rings with stones are sold.

Gold, silver and other materials

As I said, the most popular material for wedding rings is gold, but it is also possible to choose from a number of other materials for one’s wedding rings:

On the other hand, it is not so often that we see wedding rings in pink gold, which is probably because many believe pink gold is a very feminine metal (pink gold is an alloy of gold and copper).

Gift with two wedding rings

Among many upcoming bridal couples, it is popular to choose engagement or solitaire rings for the woman’s wedding ring.

Engagement rings are characterized by the fact that more diamonds can be inserted over time. Ie that one can start with a single diamond and then continuously put more diamonds in the ring as the years go by.

When to put more diamonds in is up to you and your purse. But it can for example. be on the annual wedding day or whenever you want to mark a special event.

Solitaire rings are rings where there is a single large diamond in. There are no rules for the diamond to be at least a certain number of carats, so here you can see how the same ring looks with different sizes of diamonds.

Handmade and custom made rings

There are many different wedding rings, but it may be that you have some very special wishes for what kind of rings you would like. So despite the large selection cannot find the rings in dreams, the solution will most often be to have custom made a few rings in your own design.

There are several shops that can help you, just as you at Etsy can find some designers who really want to help you make the perfect set of rings.

Choose right from the start

Whatever the preference of rings, you should consider them thoroughly before buying them. Unlike almost all other jewelry, your wedding rings are something that you will use every single day for the rest of your life.

Don’t just consider the design of your rings and what materials to use to create them. You should also be sure to order them in the right size, as it is the few stores that make engraved and custom-made rings return (no matter how good they usually are at returning jewelry).

If you do not already know what size rings to use, then you can see everything you need to know about ring sizes here.

Save money by buying online

Some couples are afraid to buy their wedding rings online from, but there is no reason to have it that way. The rings that are bought in the reputed online stores like this online store are of the same quality as the jeweler’s rings, so the only difference is that they are almost always cheaper on the web.

Rings purchased online are also always delivered in gift boxes, so they are nicely wrapped up for the big day.

Put the wedding ring on your finger

When we talk about wedding rings, it will eventually also have to be used with which hand to wear the rings. It is a question that comes up again and again as the talk falls on wedding rings and engagement rings.

Basically, there are no rules that say one hand is better than the other.

It is completely free to choose which hand you prefer to wear your rings on, but the reasoning for choosing the right according to the left hand is as follows:

The left hand must be chosen as the heart sits in the left side of the body. The ring is thus closest to the heart if it sits on the left hand.

The right hand has to be chosen, as you previously chose to wear the ring on that hand. This was done when the engagement ring sat on the right hand and it was moved to the left hand during the wedding, leaving room for the wedding ring on the right hand.

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