The Ultimate Guide to Getting Well-Fitting Boots


In order to find the perfectly-fitting boots, it is important to know your correct shoe size. However, this is certainly not the only factor. After all, different people have different requirements.

Some people need wide calf boots while others have wide feet for which they need wide fit boots. There are now several options available to get wide fit boots for all the leggier ladies with a wide calf size.  

Wide fit boots provide extra room to make the entire experience of wearing boots more comfortable. To find the perfect boot size that fits well, people need to take into consideration the following tips.

The Fifteen-and-a-Half Inch Rule

All the ladies whose calf size is wider than 15 and half inches, wide fit boots for women are ideal for them as they offer the perfect fit. To measure the calf size, all one needs to do is measure the circumference of the widest part of their used boots. After determining the calf size, it is also important to keep into account the shaft circumference when buying new boots. A generous cut makes sure the boot fits perfectly.

Flexible Features and Functions

Apart from the boots being stylish and fashionable, it is important to ensure the features it has are flexible and adaptable to the needs of the person who wears them. Such features include elastic goring over the boot. This allows the calf to adjust within the boot. Moreover, there are also boots with laces and buckles that assist the calf to fit comfortably in boots.

Extra Space

It is important to ensure that the there is space left for the toes and the feet within boots. With the space for toes to move around and the foot not being cramped up, various health problems such as blisters, hammer toes, corns and calluses can be avoided. Women wide fit boots provide extra space within boots.

The Wide Fit Shoes website offers a great variety of extra wide shoes and quality of wide fit boots for women that are available at competitive prices.

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