Why Are Vintage Clothes All The Rage Now?


Vintage fashion is becoming increasingly popular with people from all walks of life, including celebrities and prominent sports personalities. Some high street fashion brands are even incorporating vintage style and antique textiles in their design processes. One of the main reasons why more people are turning to this market is that sustainability is a big movement today.

People are looking for sustainable ways to look and remain stylish, and what better way to achieve this than through vintage fashion? Thrift and vintage shopping is also a great way to explore your style on a budget as an avid fashion lover without falling for fast fashion fads. Here are some reasons why vintage fashion is all the rage.

1. It is great for the environment 

Buying that pre-owned weekend bag or secondhand pair of jeans benefits the environment. The fast fashion industry is among the top polluters in the entire world. It is also exploitative, and unsafe working conditions are pretty common. Workers in these factories are usually from developing countries and often endure long shifts while being paid minimum wages.

It is also common for garment factory workers to undergo verbal, physical, and sexual abuse. A single garment in the fast fashion industry is usually inexpensive, but this comes with a massive negative impact on the environment.

2. Better quality of clothes

Perhaps you have purchased something, and it fell apart after a few days or weeks. Often the reason is these pieces are made from poor quality material. And although you’ll probably come across a torn piece of clothing once in a while in the thrift stores, most vintage clothes last longer. Some have been around for 20 years, so they are likely to last much longer.

Vintage clothes are also made from high-quality, sturdy material, another reason for their longevity. Even if they cost a little more than modern fashion pieces, which they often don’t, they will last you forever, making the cost-per-wear worth it.

3. Trends always make a comeback

In the world of fashion, trends are consistently coming back. Trends from the ‘90s have come back twenty years later, which is the norm. Consider looking into the vintage and thrift stores when a new trend that you are interested in trying out crops up.

You can almost always find similar clothes to those sold in many fast fashion stores in the vintage market. What is considered modern style now is just something from past decades, and with vintage shopping, you will get these trends for much less than it would have initially cost you.

Take away

The vintage market is an important industry and is here to stay. When you buy secondhand, you benefit by getting some of the best quality in the market. At the same time, you promote small business owners and style curators. Vintage pieces are usually well-constructed from high-quality fabric and last a lifetime, so much so that you can even pass them down through generations.

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