Cool Fashion Logos Ideas To Unscrew The Lid Of Your Creative Jar


Fashion is the talk of the town. Because of the active presence of media, most of our choices in daily lives revolve around latest trends. For a newbie in the industry, it is very important to create a first impression that is distinct and lasting. What better way to do that than to use your brand mark for that purpose?

So if you’re trying to create an emblem for your new fashion company targeted towards women, what images should you use?

Here are some ideas for cool fashion logos that can help you unscrew the lid of your creative jar.

  1. Use Female Accessories:

Do you own a shoe store?

Then how about using a glass slipper in your business symbol or maybe an illustration of an orange pumpkin?

Using stylish accessories is a great way to denote fashion and sophistication. You can use a tiara or a wide brimmed hat or you can also use an intricate earring or bracelet in your logo design. Another great idea is to show a shadow illustration of a woman looking at her image in the mirror with one earring and a necklace. You can use small symbols of flowers or bows with your company name.

How about a handbag and a colorful scarf accompanying business name with an illustrated reflection of it all beneath the image to look as if there’s a reflection in the water?

  1. Mythical Creatures:

How about using mythical goddesses in your brand marks?

How about using fable creatures that represent imagination and fairy tale like a unicorn or Bast, ancient Egyptian cat goddess?

Historical and mystical beings not only add an air of innovation and mystery to your design but also make it look traditional. It shows that your brand is creative but is in touch with its roots at the same time.

Using illustrations of mythical creatures is a great way to tell tales through your business mark.

  1. Swirly Abstracts:

Colorful abstracts in trademarks look delicate, feminine and sophisticated. The right abstracts can add a refined urbane and primitive touch to your design at the same time. You can use abstract inspiration from Celtic knots for your symbol.

  1. Initials Placed Smartly:

What is common between the Gucci, Chanel and Louise Vuitton?

One, all of these top fashion logos have used their initials in their emblems and two; the initials have been placed with such creativity and simplicity that they are memorable at first sight.

Many famous companies have used only their initials in their monograms but the key to a smart monogram is wise placement of the initials.

Gucci has molded initials into a symmetrical square whereas Chanel has interlocked two letters back to back.

Experiment with your initials and try to see if you can come up with a new placement style that is simple and distinct.

Hence, you can use these ideas and get your creative cells working for you.

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