Need And Use Of IPL Hair Removal Salon Singapore


Removing body hair continuously is a tiresome and annoying task; people spent so many hours of their life in waxing and shaving off their hair. Regular shaving and waxing are not even good for the skin. In this scenario, laser hair removal treatments are available. With the help of this, hair can be removed permanently from your body. This technique has now become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures.

Advantages of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal techniques have now become extremely popular, especially in cosmetic uses. It is a very simple process where highly concentrated light is targeted on the hair follicles. The pigment present inside the follicles later absorbs the light, leading to its destruction. Lasers are used in removing facial hair, underarms, and hair from any area of the body. Some of the benefits are-

  • It is very precise in its work, it will remove the target hair only, and the skin on the boundary will remain untouched.
  • It works very quickly in about a fraction of a second. It can treat big areas of your body in a minute or so. The pulse of laser waves can work on many hair strands in one go.
  • It is effective in its work and can cause permanent hair loss in several areas after three sessions.

What happens in laser hair removal?

Before starting the actual treatment, the hair in the area to be treated will be trimmed. Medicine will be put over the area that will numb the area about 20 minutes before the treatment. There are different treatments for different types of hair. The laser equipment will be decided based on the thickness, volume, location, and texture of your hair.

The medical practitioner will give you glasses to wear so that your eyes are protected. The technician will now direct the beam of light to the area to be treated for a few seconds to minutes. You are given lotions to apply on the treated area afterward; this process is completed in a few settings, so ensure you get the advisable number of sittings for effective results.

The IPL hair removal salon Singapore technique is quite expensive, but it is worthy of the cost as it removes the permanent hassle of removing unwanted hairs now and then. However, the cost depends on the area’s size; the bigger the area to be treated, the higher the cost will be. The number of treatments and the country in which the treatment is being performed.

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